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The truth about the DC listed in the technical parameters


The truth about the DC listed on welding machines. Perun 220 E in a sharp test

DC for single-phase welding machines, a practical example of performance, overloading and protection for Perun 160/220 E. With this video, we want to introduce you to the issue of specifying technical parameters. We carried out a practical demonstration of the effect of securing on the DC specified in the parameters of the welding machines. We tried welding with a diameter 4 electrode at 158A with a Perun 220 machine protected by a 16A circuit breaker and a 25A circuit breaker. The result is in the video. In the case of single-phase inverters, the circuit breaker is the most limiting factor in performance. Common single-phase welding machines (inverters) cannot have a 100% DC higher than 90A in coated electrode mode under a 16 A circuit breaker. If higher parameters are given, it is very likely to fail. (By ordinary welding machines with a 230 V power supply, we mean inverters with a Power Factor (PF) of max. 0.7 and an efficiency of up to 85%).