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The truth about the DC listed in the technical parameters

DC for single-phase welding machines, a practical example of performance, overloading and protection for Perun 160/220 E. With this video, we want to introduce you to the issue of specifying technical parameters. We carried out a practical demonstration of the effect of securing on the DC specified in the parameters of the welding machines. We tried welding with a diameter 4 electrode at 158A with a Perun 220 machine protected by a 16A circuit breaker and a 25A circuit breaker. The result is in the video. In the case of single-phase inverters, the circuit breaker is the most limiting factor in performance. Common single-phase welding machines (inverters) cannot have a 100% DC higher than 90A in coated electrode mode under a 16 A circuit breaker. If higher parameters are given, it is very likely to fail. (By ordinary welding machines with a 230 V power supply, we mean inverters with a Power Factor (PF) of max. 0.7 and an efficiency of up to 85%).

ALFA IN a.s. A LEADER Vysočina region

Our company won 1st place in the prestigious “CZECH LEADER 2020” award in the Vysočina region.

We became the winners of the ČESKÝ LÍDR 2020 competition for the Vysočina region. Here is a link to the video of the announcement, which unfortunately had to take place only online due to the corona virus epidemic without direct participation and meeting with the individual leaders.

We are happy to be part of the BUILDING A PROUD Czechia project

The result of Czech leaders in 2020 in the Vysočina region

PERUN 160 E a 220 E

Introducing new welding machine in MMA mode. It is our Perun series machine, small in size but big in performance.

Welding inverter for MMA and TIG welding What are the advantages of this inverter?

Welding current up to 220 A. DC (at 100% 90 A with fuse 16 A @ or 110 A with fuse 25 A @). Fan control switches off completely when not needed. Unique straps for attaching cables, transporting the torch, etc. Connector for connecting the remote control of the welding current.   Option to return to factory settings – reset. Perfectly covered controls. Folding handle that does not get in the way Adjustable HOT START – you can regulate the spray and prevent the material from burning when the arc is ignited. Adjustable ARC FORCE – you can regulate the stability of the arc, the heat input and the spray. Modern design, which results in low weight. 9 programs to save your selected parameters. VRD mode easily switched on from the control panel. A VRD is a voltage reduction device that will reduce the risk of the machine being adversely affected by the welding voltage under certain conditions. ANTI STICK function that prevents sticking and heating of the electrode to the weld. Large quick connectors 35-50 mm2.

Presentation of Perun 160 E and Perun 220 E

Perun 40 Plasma PFC

We made a video for you about the popular plasma Perun 40 Plasma PFC. This is a short video overview of the settings and basic options of the machine. Plasma is intended for cutting various materials. For example, carbon steel max. 15 mm, stainless steel material 12 mm and aluminum sheet 10 mm. Plasma can automatically turn off the fan when not in use. When using a compass, different shapes can be cut quickly and accurately.

PERUN 40 PLASMA PFC in action

Perun 200 MIG SYN PFC

We received a miniature version of our most popular Perun 200 MIG SYN PFC machine as a gift.

Thank you and congratulations on a job well done. You can find videos with instructions for our welding machines and descriptions of functionality not only on our YouTube channel\alfainas or directly with the Perun 200 MIG SYN PFC machine on our website Here is a specific video with time links and chapters explaining each method and how to set it up on our Youtube.

Perun 200 AC/DC PULSE

PERUN AC/DC PULSE machines are intended for specialized welding operations with a wide range of welding work. They are equipped primarily for TIG welding. Of course there are a number of invaluable functions that enable effective use.

What are the advantages of this inverter in addition to the standard functions for aluminum welding?

Championship of the Czech Republic on a long flat track

Congratulations to Martin Málek for winning the international championship of the Czech Republic in the long flat track. AK Březolupy rider Martin Málek won on the single kilometer oval in Mariánské Lázně.

Here is a link to the recording from the program Svět motorů in iVysílání ČT. Here, at 38:28, talk of a long flat track begins.

Martin Málek


We made a new video for you about our related welding machines. Although each looks different, they have the same controls. AXE 201 MIG LCD and PERUN 200 MIG SYN PFC are machines with the same software intended for different areas. AXE 201 is especially suitable for the workshop, thanks to its wheels and the possibility of fixing the bottle. Perun is easily portable for assembly.

They have a few more minor differences, which can be seen in our video on YouTube. We used the logo for comparison MDA RIDE, whose most important goal is to support people with muscular dystrophy. If you can, make time on June 11, 2022 for the 14th year in Prague.

The traditional exhibition GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2022 in Paris

The traditional exhibition GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2022 will take place in Paris during May 17 – 20, 2022 and we are going to exhibit there.

Should you have a trip to spring Paris, we would like to personally present you our welding equipment at our stand 5R72 ALFA IN – CZECHTRADE.